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New 70+ Training spots?

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MrCow117 Level 153 Windia Dark Knight
Has anyone found new training spots for 70+ since gspq has been patched?
Posted: December 2010 Permalink


jester bro. uber crowded tho T_T
Dec 10 2010
Zana5 Level 110 Broa Demon Slayer 3
so jesters are still good? i dont know if i could find it lol...
Dec 10 2010
Jesters. Cuz im in demethos i can easily find a pty on my hermit , but seeing u r in windia i think its gona be hard for you to fi d a pty. Why dont you try ariant/ magatia?
Dec 10 2010
If youre a mage. Master Chronos are a decent alternative. I spent 4 levels there on my priest 70-74 without using a single potion. All you have to do is mob at lost time 4 with tele and explosion/heal/icestrike/ shining ray and you'll level once every hour or less.

Or Truckers. 500 exp for 2.8k hp is insane.
Dec 10 2010
MrCow117 Level 153 Windia Dark Knight
Im a bowman on el nido.. I think jesters is a bit too hard for me .
Dec 10 2010

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