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New Igns and Scammers/Dupers

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I know many people don't want to get scammed and many people (although some of you don't f3) refuse to buy from exploiters/dupers so I thought I would make this thread.

Post the updated igns of scammers and dupers/exploiters (please differentiate between the two) for future reference.

The person must be well known. No false accusations.
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emm97 Level 248 KradiaEMS Mercedes 3
i am all of them
Nov 07 2015
recording247 Level 230 Khaini Wild Hunter 4 Lift Guild
"Crazy" is a known scammer amongst my alliance and many other guilds
Nov 07 2015
rixworkwix Level 210 Bera Shade 4
S<names that have the word weiner in them
Nov 07 2015
Earlier Level 197 Windia Bow Master
@endurance: Just curious, how old are you?
You seem under the age of 13.
Nov 07 2015

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