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New Magnus Glitch

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lehvahk Level 209 Yellonde Blade Master
I've encountered a new glitch within Normal Magnus (not sure about hard). This glitch basically doesn't recognize the fact that you are in magnus's aura and continues to deal 10% of health as dmg and potions only heal the 10%. In addition to this, your dmg is reduced to the point where it seems you are still attacking outside of the aura.
TLDR: the Aura on magnus does not exist.
I'm a shadower, not sure if this conflicts with anything in magnus.
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wolfexe Level 155 Broa Kinesis 4
@paullee112895: how do you buy nodes? I thought that they weren't tradable
Jan 11 2017
deadangel13 Level 221 Windia Marksman
@wolfexe: the ones you craft for 35 shards are tradable
Jan 11 2017
gakinotsukai Level 227 Bera Bishop
+3 This happens on occasion and the only way to fix it is a full restart of the computer.

If you're running Win 8/10 then open command prompt and type "shutdown /r /t 0" without quotes. This will force a real restart of the pc. When you do restart from the windows UI, it doesn't do a full restart due to fast startup. Overtime this causes issues with MS.

Some confirmed ones are Gollux's summons can't touch the middle, when you use a glide skill you can't get out with the release of the button, the Magnus one you mentioned above, chat not working, etc...
Jan 11 2017
lehvahk Level 209 Yellonde Blade Master
The shutdown command worked and all the glitches i experienced: Magnus, and herbalism/mining glitch all got fixed! Thank you!
Jan 12 2017
mrpirate Level 199 Windia Buccaneer
@gakinotsukai: yea on my old laptop i have the glide glitch and the chat glitch
Jan 12 2017

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