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New Noblesse Differences?

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Hathelian Level 188 Galicia Paladin
I can't find any information on the changes in the Noblesse class. Can someone explain them or direct me to a place where I can find what will be changed? I'm really curious.
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GunDelHel Level 128 Broa
Three new skills available:
Elemental Slash -- 130% damage to 3 enemies; has a little bit of range to it. 0 MP cost. EXTREMELY FAST, if jump-attacking, you will attack twice before hitting the ground.
Elemental double jump think -- Can jump forward or upwards for 4 MP, not as long or fast as other FJs, but its nice.
Return to Ereve -- Teleports you to the Empress.

Link skill management isn't available sadly, so you cant view what Link Skills are available--nor can other link skills be shared back to you unless they were previously transferred. So Nexon really messed that one up.
Sep 05 2013

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