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New World, Suggestions?

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Hi there.
I played in Windia for a couple years, but then I started over in Yellonde with a friend. After being in Yellonde for quite a while, I really hate it. It's way too empty, and I haven't met many friendly people. So, after trying to make the best of Yellonde, I've just gotten very bored. I'm considering doing a character transfer or just starting over. What world would be a good one to change to?

I care more about meeting people than training.
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broa has nice people and not to Empty and not to Full server.
Mar 06 2011
Come back to windia.
Mar 06 2011
Golfek Level 134 Yellonde F/P Arch Mage
Really? My friend got quite a few donations (Pretty generous ones, too) within his first hour in Yellonde. He got a TL mastery book and a few scrolls, along with some mesos.
Mar 06 2011
Yeah, I haven't been able to meet many people in Yellonde, maybe it's because I'm not so much into training, and there's less people just hanging out.
Mar 06 2011
Go to Galicia i heard from my friend its not too crowded and not too decrowded
Mar 06 2011

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