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New Zero players Do you like the class so far?

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OKRealTalk Level 200 Windia Phantom 4
So I finally got started playing Zero (Missed making one from other times). Was really excited because I heard they're like TB's and are unique. So far I only got it to lv125 but its pretty good (Does it get more interesting/strategic later on?)

So what do YOU think of the class! SO VOTE
Posted: June 2015 Permalink

New Zero players Do you like the class so far?

15%3 / 204 - Amazing!! My new main
15%3 / 203 - Pretty Cuul
65%13 / 202 - They're meh
5%1 / 201 - TURRRIBLE!... AS BORING AS LUMI (no offense... But srsly)


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tysmoosion Level 201 Reboot Battle Mage 4 Escada Guild
The super long quest line is kind of ruining it for me!
Jun 26 2015
LightZero Level 202 Zenith Dark Knight
Lumi isn't boring. Lumi >>>>>> Zero
Jun 26 2015
rogue Level 1 Reboot Night Lord
Yeah the quests make it unbearable for me to progress any further on him, currently like 104-105.
Jun 26 2015
Evenings Level 200 Windia Aran 4 See what games, anime & art Evenings is intoEvenings
hated them because of the questing when they were first released, too boring to spam space and skip everything and then sometimes u can't progress and need google, And u still have to quest to level them up so i still hate them and find them to be honestly the worse unique class ever made
Jun 26 2015
krishman Level 200 Khaini Kinesis 4 Recognition Guild
Honestly its interesting. The combination between swapping and cooldowns while attacking takes a bit to get used to and every time i get a new skill set i wonder how im going to balance it. Waiting to see how it is later on.

And I agree with everyone else, the quest line makes it unbearable, especially when you cant proceed because youre not at a high enough level. Personally went to RnJ for about 6 levels at 122 and then went back to the quests so I wouldnt have to do all the extra quests to level up. Thus far its working out well, Im on par with the level, will probably have to MP3 or DIPQ when i hit 140 tho.

Enjoying the play style, hate the quests. Not going to leave my lumi for it.
Lumi master race.
Jun 26 2015
Shangz Level 211 Broa Night Walker 4 Contend Guild
The quests are killing it for me

I think its fun to play but meh at 5000 quests
Jun 26 2015
tysmoosion Level 201 Reboot Battle Mage 4 Escada Guild
How do we get the maple saint weapon as Zero?
Jun 26 2015
Graystoke Level 160 Scania Kanna 4
So is the main idea of the class to switch between alpha's and beta's skills every 4 seconds (or until they stop fighting together)?
Jun 26 2015
SpicyOctopus Level 121 Galicia Mihile 4
It's alright. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to set the keys on my keyboard, but it's not that bad. It's the kind of character I'll get to 180 and never touch again, unfortunately.
Jun 26 2015
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