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New class and character abilities! Video

By gamefan200

gamefan200 Level 206 Renegades Mechanic 4 WiiLuvTheWii Guild See what games, anime & art gamefan200 is intogamefan200
Apr 14 2015 THIS JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER! If the MS2 simulator ever comes out, THIS will take MS2 animation to a whole new level! AND I KNOW JUST WHAT TV SHOW EPISODE I'M GONNA MAPLEIZE WITH THE STRETCHING LIMBS!

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Omniscient1 Level 146 Bellocan Blade Master
Yea this was an April fools joke.
Apr 15 2015
LilYasha Level 77 Broa Luminous 3
That "extended limbs" part though
Apr 16 2015

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