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New laptop with Win10 and maple

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dupants Level 168 Galicia Phantom 4
SO I bought an Asus ROG laptop a while ago ( and I recently tried to play maple.

When ever I try to play maple using the launcher, everything is all good until I select a character and enter my PIN; then the screen just stays black on loading forever. Not for a few minutes, FOREVER. I never had this issue with my last laptop that cost around $500 which was decent and not really meant for gaming. If I'm lucky, maple DOES load and I can play, but only on a crappy resolution. If I try to change it to the high one, the game will just freeze and I have to Task Mgr out to close the crappy game. Also if I'm in the game and I try to change to windowed mode, it freezes the exact same way.

Does anyone know what the issue is? I downloaded everything I needed for the game.
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ak44 Level 206 Reboot Mechanic 4 See what games, anime & art ak44 is intoak44
+1 the better the computer, the worse the maple
Aug 09 2016
steven4931 Level 151 Bellocan Night Lord
I had the same issue, and theres an easy fix. Press ctrl+alt+delete when you get the black screen, itll bring up task manager, and then just get back into maple and itll be good.

What i also did was change the compatability of the nexon launcher to windows 7, after like 2-3 days of doing this the game just runs itself smoothly now
Aug 09 2016
beewild Level 1 Bera Paladin ScrewAttack Guild
I have the same problem, this is my laptop;amp;dpID=41AWm81RQ3L&dpSrc=sims&preST=_AC_UL160_SR160%2C160_&psc=1&refRID=WDXKGAH0RDVPYYSZ27PZ
(12 gb ram and the newest i5 and nvidia 920m everything else is practically the same as the link),I tried everything already and I still cant play maple on window mode only can play maple on full screen cuz it doesnt let me put it on window mode and it frozes... I hope someone can help me with this issue QQ cuz playing maple on full screen is quite annoying~
Aug 09 2016
ereckgoose Level 240 Scania Buccaneer See what games, anime & art ereckgoose is intoPrivateereck
Even my old laptop ran fine (Toshiba c870). Try having power settings to high performance. I always ran wired up on power.

The only problem I had was multitasking for it wasn't even an i3 cpu. Playing game by itself ran fine.

@beewild: How is fullscreen annoying? Also you description of laptop and the link you provided are different.
Aug 09 2016

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