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New start Screen

By lilzara

lilzara Level 205 Scania Dark Knight
Sep 05 2018 my friend got me into playing Maple M, which made me miss my PC I logged on in hopes of advancing to 5th job to play with new skills...imagine my dismay when i found that you need SF100 to do so... OTL anyway, here's my PC and mobile DrKs!

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lilzara Level 205 Scania Dark Knight
@beefly (does @ tagging still work...) i mostly just wanted to see if anyone i knew was still around LOL... ;;
Sep 09 2018
lilzara Level 205 Scania Dark Knight
@beefly AH ok i ...kind of expected it to just turn into a proper tag link while i was typing, couldn't remember how it worked on here :'D
Sep 10 2018
corakora Level 184 Mardia Shadower
I came to basil feeling nostalgic and the first thing I see -- I definetly recognized the art style --is you! I hope you have been doing well!
Sep 13 2018
lilzara Level 205 Scania Dark Knight
@corakora hi! i've been doing okay, haha. back in maplestory hell thanks to the mobile version which suits my zero-free-time lifestyle ...
(also... can i say... i really love that cape you have on your avi? wow)
Sep 19 2018
darkspawn980 Level 177 Scania Jett 4
the good news is that the starforcing is much easier now at least... the bad news is that you have to wait like 8 hours 3 times just to job advance (unless they changed that) good luck champ! (also heyo, been a damn long while! i've been visiting every now and then)
Sep 23 2018

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