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New to MapleStory and need to get this clear

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zkoredez Level 100 Reboot Xenon 4
This is probably a noob question or already answered question but I just started playing MapleStory entirely recently and picked a xenon cuz it looked fun, I played several hours and got him to lvl 100 but right after found out that xenon is a really high "funded" class and i dont plan on using money on the game anytime soon until I think it's really worth it. I did make him on the Reboot server however so do i still need to fund to get him a good late game or is it now grindable?
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saru79 Level 210 Bera Night Lord
Not sure how hard Xenons are to fund, but Reboot is the play-to-win server. There's really nothing you can spend money on that'll make you any stronger. You can only buy cosmetic things with nx. You can't even trade in Reboot so you'll just have to make mesos and make your own items.
Dec 05 2017
aarbearr Level 166 Renegades Hayato 4
The thing I've been seeing with Reboot (I never got into Reboot too much) is that the damage you'll do is probably a lot lower, and it's difficult to get a good range because of the inability to trade, meaning you may just be stuck with a bad equip until you find a better one, or even one closer to your level. But it's definitely not possible to fund your character on Reboot considering you can't trade. You'll have to work for all your stuff on Reboot, everyone does. Only on servers other than Reboot is it possible to fund, meaning you'll have to make a ton of mesos and buy better equips, scrolled and more. That being said, at this point, a good late game in Reboot is difficult to achieve.
Dec 07 2017
antisenpai Level 250 Broa Blade Master See what games, anime & art antisenpai is intoAntiSenpai
@aarbearr: Reboot is ezpz, you do more damage than regular servers at the start and gain more exp and lots of mesos. The big difference is that you have to play reboot as a part time job to get enough funds to get anywhere and that you can't scroll or get bonus potential on equips. Funding is ezpz if you know good spots tho, I'd recommend starting as a Kanna to farm meso for a main character, as you gain meso try to get some level 71+ earrings and rings, get them to legendary and then to %meso which isn't that hard, maybe 1b per equip, after that you're golden. Start with picking a main character, level it up and do prequests so when you are able to get things such as the Root abyss set you can cube it up. Reboot is super easy, I played for a couple weeks and have a 223 char and decently funded, I just missed my main so I stopped playing there.
Dec 07 2017

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