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Nexon Hates Me Screen

By shyally

shyally Level 133 Scania Kanna 2
Dec 01 2014 So, I was cubing bonus potential on my Magician shield, and got this lovely thing. Thanks, Nexon. Thanks a lot.

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duriel123 Level 217 Bera F/P Arch Mage
You really should have used a lvl 100+ shield so that you get teh full boss damage lines, although I guess it doesn't matter too much since your main pot is all %matk anyways.
Dec 01 2014
bluesclues30303 Level 106 Khaini Night Walker 4
have fun with your extra physical attack
Dec 02 2014
infinteZero Level 208 Demethos Evan 10th Growth
30% attack bonus =L

at least you got a attack stat on it been trying to turn bonus on my 120% boss and 70%boss30% ignore def fearless preludes to %m.att for ages best i have got so far is 9%6% all stats+ fail line
main reason i have been trying is i seen one and i gain more from the m.att% but i want to keep main potential lines (one day my other mages will have decent shields...with out need of psok)

mages have worst luck with cubes... i got 36%str on my RA top (mage only) would been godly if not for fact i was a mage and it was on mage gear and mages use int
Dec 02 2014

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