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Nexon went overboard with the new censor system

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smilingcurse Level 203 Windia Shadower
So many things are being censored it's not even funny. It's actually so hard to read any sentence now.
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hology Level 36 Bera Kaiser 2
I didn't login yet, give me examples?
Oct 16 2013
glitterpumas Level 150 Khaini Hayato 4
I made a thread on this but posted it on the wrong section because of Basilmarket's faulty system but here is what I had to say..

"I could understand why the try to censor profanity when but it gets in the way from having conversation that is clearly an issue. I was chatting with a friend earlier and half the time it felt as if what he had to say was censored when he wasn't even using any profanity.

Take the word class for example.. as you're talking with your friend about whatever and he mentioned class, it would show up as cl*** and you're left thinking to yourself what the hell did he just say. Maplestory needs to improve their censoring because it had always been annoying.
Oct 16 2013
smilingcurse Level 203 Windia Shadower
I didn't login yet, give me examples?[/quote]

Christ is censored. (Found out when a bunch of us said "Welcome back Christy" only to have it come out as "Welcome back C****y"
The two letters "G M" are censored.
Ghost is censored.
Support is censored.

The list goes on.
Oct 16 2013
diosoth Level 210 Bellocan Aran 4
Eh, big deal. Bellocan's players aren't worth my time to talk to in the first place. I treat it as a single player game and the closest I ever get to "interacting" is if I bother to open a FM store, and frankly if you're not selling Empress gear or some other rare thing, you may as well just NPC your stuff because no one wants to buy it otherwise.
Oct 16 2013
Yeah I agree this censored system is getting way annoying.
Oct 16 2013
smilingcurse Level 203 Windia Shadower
I can't seem to edit anything on Basil either lol.
Oct 16 2013
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