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Nexus - #13 Screen

By BrownAdventurer

BrownAdventurer Level 195 Elnido Marksman
Mar 13 2013 **ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Painted, Bannedstory 4, @Skyenets (Goates), Lucky's and Kirimy's Maps**
**Executive Storyboarder: @LoveandBacon **

I know what some of you might be thinking: that this "magic stuff" isn't in the theme of an apocalyptic world, but Nexus is going to be a mix of the two elements.
All I'm asking is that you bare with me as the story grows deeper and you might find that you'll like the combination!


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MyEyesHurt Level 49 Bera Mercedes 2
It only has 2 likes
If only i could like it, i would
Mar 15 2013
AznViper Level 201 Windia Zero Transcendent
They are going to transform Damien into a fairy.
Mar 15 2013
@above I was just thinking the same thing.
Mar 15 2013
[i] Nexus 13.5: The Royal Treatment[/i][/quote]

Haha, this made me laugh, there's an anime with the same chapter and name
Mar 15 2013
123445 Level 177 Windia Wild Hunter 4
Lol Last Picture " Shes Total into me "
Mar 15 2013
Pereeia Level 223 Windia Zero Transcendent
I love purple [/quote]

High five.
Mar 15 2013

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