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Ngs error detailed scenario

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JJoestar Level 49 Windia Wild Hunter 2
yes my friend. NGS hack error, is my friend.
yes my friend, the bots are botting.
yes my friend, the dupers are duping.
yes my friend, the hackers are hacking.

who cares my friend? NGS certainly doesnt.

what? what you said my friend? you want to play? legit, you said?
well, too ducking bad for you my friend,
you get the NGS hack error.

you might what to know why, my friend?
you want help from nexon, but they ignore you and your threads/tickets?
thats because nexon is a pile of warm sheet, my friend
Posted: December 2014 Permalink


djho57 Level 202 Bera Hayato 4
i don't understand this my friend
Dec 30 2014
ProEwok Level 122 Scania Luminous 4
The fix for it is easy
Dec 30 2014

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