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Night Lord Ranges

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OMGitsarock Level 205 Scania Zero Transcendent
Ok, so I am just wondering, what is the Night Lord's range compared to other thieves such as DB and Shadower
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13bukedDP Level 84 Scania Hermit
Lv45 Night Lord
2~3k range.
Dec 23 2013
ZzXxskyxXzZ Level 205 Broa Night Lord
Lv153 NL
110 - 130k range
Dec 23 2013
jeshurocks Level 166 Broa Night Lord
Night Lord Lv. 172
Range 65k~75k
Dec 23 2013
Lecarde Level 161 Windia Beginner Herbs Guild
lvl 158 NL completely unfunded
range - 40k fully buffed
Dec 23 2013
UANightLord1 Level 201 Windia Night Lord
somewhat funeded lvl 192 220k fully buffed when i tried to play db it was somewhere similar when i borrowed an OP dagger/katara
Dec 23 2013
RageinBlade3 Level 184 Scania Blade Master
Level 38
1k range
I usually KS ppl.
Dec 23 2013
Samla111 Level 204 Scania Night Lord
lol at everyone not answering the question to compare to other classes (this is with shared gear and perfected weapons on each job), my 200 NL has a 268k range, my DB has a 210kish range, my 154 shadower has a ~200k range and 155 xenon has a ~200k range as well. So if you want a class with a high range, i'd suggest a shadower, i'm sure my shadower would have a higher range than my NL and DB if I got it to 200.
Dec 23 2013
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