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Night Lord Ranges

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OMGitsarock Level 205 Scania Zero Transcendent
Ok, so I am just wondering, what is the Night Lord's range compared to other thieves such as DB and Shadower
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pulsecannon Level 205 Scania Kanna 4
I feel like range would go somewhat like Shadower->NLs->DB in showing numbers. Damage output on thee other hand...
Dec 23 2013
RFighter Level 205 Windia Bow Master See what games, anime & art RFighter is intoRFighter
My range for my DB @ 160 was 200-250k and when I switched to NL @ 160 it was a tad bit lower(190-240k?), noted that my weapons were different and all I had was a perfect scrolled RED claw. These are rough range kind of jumped in the past few days, it'd be cool to switch over and try it out again.
Dec 23 2013
krzyvboi05 Level 174 Scania Shadower
I'm level 210 NL with 2m~2m range with FULL self buffs, including Epic, Echo, and T&C.
Dec 23 2013
Level 184, semi funded. My dual blade before i turned it into a NL it was like 50k ~ 60k buffed and now my NL is 79k ~ 93k
Dec 23 2013
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
Level 124 Night Lord
~35k range
Dec 23 2013
Zenfayte Level 204 Yellonde Night Lord
lvl 156 46k-54k un buffed , 5Xk ~ 69k buffed
Dec 23 2013
kraze159 Level 185 Scania Night Lord
lvl 175 nightlord
133k~157k buffed
Dec 27 2013
alchamyuser Level 204 Broa Night Lord
203 NL
~275k range buffed
Dec 27 2013
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