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Night Lord vs Dual Blade

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Hi mates. sorry that there we're like 20000000 threads like this but i just can't make up my mind.

From one side? I love dual blades and their skills. also they're good at bossing as for end-game class!

Other side? When i see a night lord uses quad star, just one time, it makes thinking of NL. (?)

I finished all of my tradeable equips, and lately my untradeable ones. NOW i need to actually equip the untradeable ones, that cannot be traded after i equipped them.
I don't want any class transformations or whatever. What would you say?

NIGHT LORD OR DB? (I am funded, my dual blade is currently 1m range with Terms and conditions, untradeable equips haven't equipped yet.)

(Not Capping, or anywhere close to cap)

ty mates
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Graystoke Level 160 Scania Kanna 4
I like dual blades because they more mobility.[/quote]

Less mobility and slower speed... so...
Jul 02 2014
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