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Night Lord vs Phantom

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Who ya got?
Otherwise ellaborate.

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I had a nightlord pre red but deleted it. I tried it again but it's not my style. Phantom on the other hand seems to do great, damage wise and he is a lot of fun. Very versitile and cool animation.
May 31 2014
Serenoss Level 202 KradiaEMS Night Lord
Nightlord has always been my favourite class.
You should check out both Phantom and Nightlord and then pick the one you like the most.
May 31 2014
night lord blows phantom away especially funded
May 31 2014
RonaldLu Level 215 Khaini Blade Master
They are both really good, but phantoms are better if you're funded. However, I personally feel like NL are better for end game bosses like gollux and others because phantoms reach their full potential on stationary bosses.
May 31 2014
wingless666 Level 209 Windia Phantom 4
Well, NL was my first class to windia also my first lvl50/70/120
and phantom is my only 200+. Pretty much was summarized^,
phantoms can definitely beat NL when it comes to funding but
for special bosses like magnus/hell gollux/CRA, NL can outdamage
us. Jump attacking is verrrry useful at those bosses and phantoms
greatest strength limits us in the mobility department. Though if
you are looking for a balanced play style(both offensive and defensive)
go with phantom. NL is easier to play at high leveled bosses though
their mobbing is meh~
May 31 2014
Phantom post2short
May 31 2014
I've had this NL for a long time. I've always liked how they play. I made a phantom too, but mostly just for the link skill. Lol.
I just wanna throw stars at stuff and make them explode
May 31 2014
Saru79 Level 210 Bera Night Lord
I've played a Night lord for quite some time, then decided to try something new and went with a Phantom. Despite having transferred all my equips, and having a similar weapon/secondary/range, the Phantom lacked big time in damage. I also died a countless number of times while trying to boss, and seeing as though Phantoms are nothing without their buffs, I kept dying while trying to rebuff after a death. (Which may be because I only played it for 2 weeks and didn't get use to the play style) But yeah, in my opinion Night Lords are a hundred times better.
May 31 2014
PandaBears Level 200 Galicia Night Lord
night lord blows phantom away especially funded[/quote]
nice one.
May 31 2014

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