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Nightlord Hard Gollux

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antimorox123 Level 200 Scania Night Lord
Will i be able to solo hard gollux with 315k range 120% boss an 60% pdr?
Posted: July 2015 Permalink


likeabosss Level 172 Demethos Night Lord
I soloed with a 280k range with about 6 minutes left so you could do it for sure
Jul 01 2015
Dndre Level 129 Bera Shade 4
Yeah. As an NL Gollux is complete trash.
Jul 01 2015
XCENTRiiQ Level 200 Bera Mercedes 4 See what games, anime & art XCENTRiiQ is intoXCENTRiiQ
You likely could, it took me 15mins when i had 350k and 180% boss, 60% pdr, just get used to kiting/dodging lol
Jul 01 2015

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