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Nightlord Levels to 175 + Who Shall I Continue? Video

By Night0fSorrow

Night0fSorrow Level 101 Kradia Beginner
Apr 09 2012 Hey guys, my Nightlord is finally level 175! This is a huge accomplishment for me because although this number is like fairly random, I feel like it's special or w.e xD It's only 25 levels away from 200! And that's a big deal for me! But unfortunately I will be taking a break from my Nightlord until the justice update comes but until then I want to continue 1 of 4 of my other characters. The only problem is... is WHICH ONE do I continue!? And since I make the videos for my viewers, I figured it'd be best for you guys to decide. I honestly don't mind continuing ANY 4 of these classes so I'll be happy with whatever you guys chose

Simply leave a comment in the comment section below stating which class you would like me to continue and see videos of.

NOTE: This is the ONLY way to vote. Thumbs upping a comment will not be counted because you can Thumbs it up multiple times and you can thumbs down comments as well which is un fair. I advise EVERYONE who watches this video to vote, whether you're a stranger to my work or a subscriber of mine!

How & When I will make my decision:
I will make my decision based on whichever of the following come FIRST:
- the first class to reach about 20 votes
- my video reaches 250 views (the class with the most votes by then wins)
- Saturday, April 15 (the class with the most votes by then wins)

Thank you

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Calzo234 Level 143 KradiaEMS Paladin
Apr 09 2012
your hero looks unfunded, if you can fund it a bit more i would vote for hero.
If not go for bm
Apr 09 2012
shadowsvenom Level 157 Broa Mercedes 4
I say bm i love em never made one but secretly wanted to
Apr 10 2012
zakumzak Level 151 Bera Aran 4
I would go for nl cuz revamp is coming soon if not go for bucc
Apr 10 2012
Night0fSorrow Level 101 Kradia Beginner
NL's are boring lmao.

Btw. Put you skills into Ninja Ambush.

With a high range. It is the BEST ksing skill in the game.

400k damage per second attacking whole lhc map at a time

Leaves mobs on 1 hp.

No respawn godly ksing.[/quote]

Lmaoo IKR? I put 1 on it to try it out and when I did omg... It's actually a pretty dam good skill! I just wish the duration was a bit longer I would have maxed that over ETSH if I knew what it was capable of... G to the G.
Apr 10 2012

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