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Vgm Thread


Not sure what category this goes under. i just chose nintendo because it seems the most popular on here other than anime & manga Post videogame m...

Ark Survival Pokemon Mods

Can you imagine if Nintendo and Game Freak took notes from these mods and made an official HUGE open world pokemon game with all the gyms, quests, bre...

Anybody wanna trade Pokmon?


On Sun or Moon? We can trade after I get out of work....

Anybody ever bought from Grand Mango?


There's this website Grand Mango that has Pokémon Sun and Moon listed for only $30. I want to know if it's reputable because that's ...

Pokemon Sun n Moon Shiny starter SR


Day 15 of soft resetting for my shiny Rowlet. Still no luck. What about everyone else? I have to be reaching the 2000-3000 count or higher of SRs. I s...

Best new 3ds games?


I'm wondering what games I should get for 3ds on black Friday (well actually on Thursday because sales start early), I'm thinking about Fire...

Nintendo Switch

9 The Nintendo Switch looks pretty fucking strange to be honest. Not sure what they're thinkning. Are...

Is Pokemon GO worth playing?


I played pokemon since yellow first came out on gameboy. I never played pokemon GO before. But since I don't use my phone that often,is it a wort...

Shiny Yveltal event

Games Obtainable With: X, Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire Available from: August 17th 2016 - September 19 2016 (UK), Norway/Finland/Sweden: July 18th 2...

Super Smash Bros Melee Thread


anyone watching evo atm? what are your mains? edit: hbox better not win evo edit2: jesus he got the reset edit3: goddamnit he won. just look at him p...

Pokemon Go


What up guyzz! It's finally dropped for US today! Started playing at work, boss was not too pleased, but i did find a pidgey on his head, worth....

since Pokemon go is out today are you gonna play?


im gonna go check out the cute boys playing it...

So whats your opinion on the new Zelda?


Personally can't wait! One feature I do hope they implement in would have to be random world events! I will be passing on the Wii U version thoug...

E3 Discussion


ayy live streams

New Pokemon

4 looks like a gundam

any ideas on how to sell NES stuff?


So i bought a lot of NES stuff today as a gamble (i didn't spend a lot and i knew potential value could be very high), i cant verify if anything ...



what are your thoughts on the recent nintendo censorships in JRPGs? Tokyo Mirage Sessions? No thanks, I'll stick to Waifu bartending #nincenso...

Fire Emblem Revelations worth?


Is it worth downloading? Does it explain Azure's background? Can I mix and match characters from conquest and birthright?!...



I want to have a tournament for all the sm4sh players out there who also play maplestory! lets see who the best in the maple world is! Leave your nn...

First Sun and Moon Trailer

15 Rowlet boys :) :)...

Pokemon GO Sign ups are out

2 Good luck to all pray to arceus...

Best nintendo e3 in a while


It was so bad that I really don't have to spend anything on nintendo titles this holiday season <3 Thank you for making me clutch my funds in disg...

N64 Legend of zelda Links a jerk

Link can be a jerk sometimes Hey guys so I'...

anyone play retro games?


Anyone like playing retro games? Do you emulate, or buy physical hardware? Do you play on HDTV or an old tube tv like a CRT or a PVM? My fave system ...

Who is getting Pokken Tournament


Nintendo is giving this game a lot of support. Big prize money, tournaments, esport players, etc I just bought SF5 and a fightstick though. But I ...

Looking for Hidden Ability Dragalge


Anyone have a Hidden Ability Dragalge (Adaptability) in Pokemon XY? Im willing to trade a 5IV Torchic with Speed Boost for one. I also might have some...

Bravely second removed cotent

SOOOOO this censoring is probally worst than FE Fates. Ive been hearing rumors that the NA versions are getting the bad ending removed also HALF of th...

Pokemon Sun Pokemon Moon


Which one are you gonna get?

Pokemon Co-Masters Mobile Game


Kirby Planet Robobot is coming this Summer


Mechanic Kirby is best Kirby.