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No compensation for wrong scroll Screen

By sures

sures Level 88 Scania F/P Mage
Jul 14 2015 Some people received compensation for getting magic attack scrolls instead of attack ones, but apparently i don't qualify, even sending a screen shot of me receiving a magic attack one. But I don't see how I don't qualify for it. How were you supposed to qualify to receive the compensation then? Kinda confused

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Shusei Level 215 Zenith Blade Master
@wall: congrats would u like a cookie[/quote]

lol r u ok
Jul 15 2015
SUREs Level 88 Scania F/P Mage
I got a magic att scroll on all of my kannas.[/quote]

Yeah and most warriors affected by this got their compensation also, but it seems like they missed some of us.
Jul 15 2015

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