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Build a PC


My old laptop kicked the bucket so now I'll need a new PC, this time I plan to build a desktop. Idk y i bother making a thread here maybe nostalg...

Oh haha you got an iphone


So I got an iphone SE, and the back camera lens won't focus, I have no idea why but tapping/hitting is said to work but doesn't for me, neit...

Laptop Request


So I need a new laptop to bring to school that has atleast 3hours of battery life with light usage. Budget is $1000, hoping to get one discounted to $...

Gsync monitor?


I'm looking to buy a new monitor, 27-29" 1440p 120hz(+). I've got a gtx 1080 and a high end i7, don't remember which one exactly. ...

ASUS Laptop Help


I recently bought an Asus Laptop and I have this issue with my screen. When I boot my computer, for some reason, it sometimes will go black and I have...

Help with install


Well the gist of it is as follows I bought a new graphics card last week and it's been a major headache. ---(EVGA) Nvidia gtx 1050 Ti--- I manag...

Bottom Half of screen flickered today


I bought a refurbished Acer G257HU smidpx 25" from Acer Re certified website and it worked well in the 11 days of use but today the bottom half o...

I need colleagues for a video game start-up firm


The mmorg I am working on and have written details I would add for is written down in a paper journal. It centers around the picayune, or American Eng...

Which monitor to get as external monitor for laptop?


Is this good??


Hey guys. I was wondering if this pc was worth buying for gaming.

Linux thread

Does anyone here use Linux (No, I am not saying GNU/Linux, some systems don't even use GNU software at all.)? If so, which distro? I dualboot W...

Monetizing Youtube


Hey guys, how do I know if I monetized on youtube? If the ads start playing on my vids, does that guarantee that I monetized? I was making an AdSense ...

I can039t remember my old Icloud Email Information


I'll try to sum it up: My Dad asked me to Factory Reset is iPhone, which I did. In doing so, I had deleted all of his photos and contacts..and t...

Seeking advice for computer setup


Hi I'm currently deciding on a desktop setup for casual browsing use (might do some gaming but nothing really intensive). My most intensive soft...

are bullet proof windshields illegal on cars?


are bullet proof windshields illegal on cars?...

Using a mic on a mac


I use a mac desktop and I need to make some videos/voice recordings but when I have tried my voice is super muffled when using the inbuilt microphone ...

Adobe Flash Cs 3 Help


So i'm having a problem with my flash cs3 .. everytime i import stuff into my library i get my bitmaps and then my graphics. All my graphics are ...

Just need advice on PC build


Going to be building a PC in about a month or so once i get the money for it and i've been planning out the parts i'm going to get. Primaril...

Need a new antivirus software


AVAST has been acting more and more like a virus over the years, constantly putting ads on my screen for me to use Chrome, constantly telling me to us...

So why are you still using Windows and/or OSX


It's 2016....

is this laptop worth the money?


How do you add new characters onto Basilmarket?

With basilmarket changing, I don't know how to add new characters. In the past all you had to do was just type your character -___-...

worth it to upgrade


Hi Basil! Im looking into upgrading my Gaming PC and was wondering if its worth it to spend the money now ( $725 CAD) on a GTX 980 TI water cooled GPU...

iPhone SE vs. iPhone 6s


Hey guys, I'm thinking to upgrade from my iPhone 4s but can't decide between iPhone SE and iPhone 6s. Which one would you guys get? Thanks...

Swapping to two gtx 1080039s in sli vs 2 titan x


Is this a worthwhile move (I already have two Titan X cards in sli)or a waste of money? I can fangirl spew out some nonsense I read in some articles.....

parts upgrade


Hey basil, since quitting maple and selling a majority of my gear. I built a PC, and currently playing Witcher 3. and since its not auto congif'd...

BIOS update problem


Hi, this morning I was on my desktop and there was this ASUS BIOS utility update thing that popped up. So I let it do its thing. When it finished, I c...

Problem with internet speed


Hey everyone! My friend uses a 100Mbps internet speed connection, but for some reason unknown to anyone, his speed becomes 0.1Mbps after a certain hou...

browser thread


Post your browser screenshot. Heres mine:

Looking for App Supports WMA Muisc Files


So about a month ago, I switched from an iPhone to an Android and sadly my phone does not support WMA audio files. Does anyone know of any apps that s...