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Obsolete Cra Gollux equips

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antycleax Level 55 Scania Assassin
It's obvious these equips will eventually become obsolete like the empress equips, lv30 rings, and other old equips. So i'm wondering if they already became obsolete in other maplestory versions already...
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Doutei Level 239 Zenith Xenon 4
empress went obsolete cus of the top/bot availability at 150, new gollux 130 rings > lvl30 rings etc.
unless there is some amazing new tier level, chances are, gollux and CRA won't go obsolete. hence max ranges
Aug 19 2014
Anthoy84 Level 196 Broa Zero Transcendent
You should never buy any equips, because they will all be obsolete in the end!

TMS is the only other version that has Gollux (I think?), and CRA is the main choice of armor/weapon in most other versions.
Aug 19 2014
Raiden Level 209 Scania Aran 4 See what games, anime & art Raiden is intoRaiden
The gollux rings beat out the level 30 ones because of pot tier, and sheer stat increase with Gollux Scrolls. So for them to be obsolete, Nexon would have to make rings that go into 4th pot tier, and/or have a better set bonus. The Alice rings are certainly interesting, but seem to be more difficult to get.
Aug 19 2014
Micahmer Level 174 Renegades Blaze Wizard 4
If you hit max damage with your equips now, would it matter if you had better equips later? Max damage is still max damage.
Aug 19 2014
UrHedsOnFire Level 203 Scania Zero Transcendent
Some people thought that Sweet H2O equips would be end-all be-all because of the higher tier level, but it just turns out Faf is THAT good.

Some really rich people enhance Tyrants to 15 stars and then transpose to SW for the set effect along with the stat boosts. I've never seen an example of that in RL, but I'm not entirely sure if that's even an option.
Aug 19 2014
xDracius Level 150 Khaini
The reason CRA is the end-game gear is because it allows room for Tyrant equipment, and it has a top/bottom for better potential. To have a set replace CRA would mean it would either have to be only 4 pieces again (And look like a cop-out in the meanwhile) so you can use Tyrant equipment, or have a full set that is stronger than Tyrant and it's superior quality (Or have the entire set be Superior).

I might be putting too much emphasis on Tyrant, but it is excessively strong IMO.
Aug 19 2014
KamikazeDes Level 220 Windia Corsair See what games, anime & art KamikazeDes is intoKamikazeDes
Unless there's another set that uses a top-bot combo, CRA gear will never go out of style.
Plus, GMS is gonna have to work pretty damn hard to out do Tyrant gear.
Aug 19 2014

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