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Oh God Video

By shadowind7

shadowind7 Level 202 Yellonde Battle Mage 4
Jul 25 2012 Hayato 2nd Job Skill Preview

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That keyboard set up.
Jul 26 2012
thenvs Level 182 Bera Shadower
+4 I enjoy how they always have their weapon sheathed unless attacking. I wish 2h swords and other weapons could be sheathed like this guy's weapon Better than a xbow covering people's faces, too
Jul 26 2012
Lol assaulter rip off.
Jul 26 2012
Thorontur Level 32 Bera Angelic Buster 2
+1 Please NexonNA copy this class.

Jett is crap.
Jul 26 2012
ghostme Level 174 Scania Phantom 4
+4 Did I just hear Hayato shout out "SHORYUKEN"?

Looks like a shad/aran hybrid
Jul 26 2012

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