Sad Mask
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Ohhmygee Screen

By omisfortuneo

omisfortuneo Level 206 Scania Blade Master
Nov 14 2008 For my friend, Gee. Sorry! >_<

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Nicee Can you draw me tooo ^_^
Nov 19 2010
It's nice but the hand is kinda too big
Nov 19 2010
lollerdude98 Level 202 Windia Buccaneer
Yeah the hand is too big
Nov 19 2010
I find the hands too big,But the drawing is amazing. so who cares? D
Take requests? draw me please?
Nov 30 2010
SadSmiles Level 143 Windia Demon Slayer 4
omg the feet are so well done o:
Jul 26 2011
it looks like it has 6 fingers on the right hand, but nice job!
Oct 25 2011

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