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Oktoberfest event mapleeurope Screen

By emielboeren

Sep 14 2010 We just got the lightbulbs for the Oktoberfest, an event in Germany where people come together, drink lots of beer, and eat an enormous amount of sausages. You collect 50 malt (It's alcohol free beer in-game, don't worry guys), give them to Charles (Event NPC), and you'll get a ticket to warp to the beer tent. Kill some drunken monsters, and get this epic looking hat.

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Those summoning bags contain all the noobie monsters; snails, bubblings, pigs, etc. The yellow bags contain random noobie monsters, with a chance of summoning a Zorro piggie.
Sep 15 2010
evilkaz Level 202 Khaini Corsair
I want a big sausage on my head
Sep 15 2010
I want a big sausage on my head [/quote]

Unlucky i guess, lots of maplers already have one on their head, to bad it isn't the size of that.
Sep 15 2010
147258369 Level 188 Bera Night Lord
Thats a lot of Laska O_o
Oh boy it expires! Thanks Nexon!
Sep 15 2010
My thoughts exactly O_O[/quote]

I Think they're from Gold Richie event because we have it atm.
Sep 15 2010
Thats.... SO AWESOME!
Sep 15 2010

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