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Old chibi pam with rafa doll Screen

By PamNOTJenn ChibiPamRafaVoodoo doll

Aug 09 2011 This is a very old speedy speed paint. Around a year old now I think.
I'm currently making a new one of our newer avvies, and not in chibi mode :]

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StiKman19 Level 171 Windia Kaiser 4
Giant antigravity head?
Aug 09 2011
XronellX Level 139 Scania Night Lord
hey if u hlaf the heart it looks like balls
Aug 09 2011
It's a chibi. The head is supposed to be abnormally large. lol.

As for the picture, the emotion looks kind of strange but I like it overall.
Aug 09 2011
Ez3Shadow13 Level 205 Windia Aran 4
Reminded me of ET...
Aug 09 2011
p3pse Level 176 Windia Blade Master
Um all maple characters have heads bigger than thier body... so this picture is fine >_>
Aug 09 2011
The head is waay too big for the body, but nice job on everything else.[/quote]

i like heads way to big for body

+1 like
Aug 09 2011

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