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Oldschool Maple has many rivals such Ragnarok and Dekaron

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lvlcapmerchant Level 122 Bera Demon Avenger 4
What reminds me of the Zakum bossing days of Maplestory is Eloa is coming out on Steam as Warlords Awakening. A left handed trackpad mouse for Eloa's map key and for Ragnarok is just like Maplestory. And dungeon fighter online played with a steam controller hooked up to be a regular mouse is like extra levels in Maplestory. Mushmom hunting feels like a stretchy leather string above mapped out buttons for any gamepad controller to keep you from pressing the original gamepad buttons at the same time as the keys on the mapped out buttons on a mini pc keyboard that triggers on your other platforms. Dekaron has the most people online playing and probably the biggest merchanting similar to oldschool Maplestory. Phantasy Star Online is probably the closest in quality of multiplayer matches as oldschool maplestory. Echo of Soul is similar to Maplestory's Forest of Golem here,;t=21s
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capnmurica Level 33 Bera Cleric
No thanks, ill stick with Maplestory 2
Oct 18 2018

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