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On Ksing? Whose right?

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So on October 28th at around 3:00- 5:45, Something interesting occurred. I got into a VERY long argument on Kill Stealing. These are the facts from my perspective.

I was searching for a party at LHC Lion King's Castle: Under the Castle Walls 1. (Crocky's Map) and went through all 19 channels once to find a party. Every single one was full and there were usually 2 parties per channel on the map. So I went to find a party a second time and managed, to my surprise, actually find a party. However the party leader was afk so i suggested to the party members to leave the party and form a new one. I then became the party leader and invited all the people who had left back. So we then continued to fight the Crockys. Then all of a sudden people who were also on the map but weren't in my party started saying how we were ksing them and how they had a "right" to the map because they were first. I took a poll among my party members and asked if they wanted to CC. The two people who responded in my party said No So I decided to stay as even if I DID CC, I would just be pissing the other party off anyway. So I told them No we couldn't CC because either way we would be pissing somebody else. They then proceeded to insult me and say I was a "child" for ksing. They said hackers were more respectful than I was and most hackers would CC when asked. I believe that A. No matter what I did I would be pissing someone off. and B. Just because you were there first doesn't mean diddly squat. When I was map invaded numerous times by others I just shrugged it off anyway cuz i was still getting EXp.
So my Questions are
A. What would you do in my situation.
B. Do hackers usually CC when you ask them too. (Only time they CC is cuz they dont want to get reported)
C. Do you think saying "It's just a game" is a failed argumenet.

Sorry for the very long post and thank you for reading.
Chorazin and Stormbey are their basil names apparently
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Iwantodrawnowhu Level 95 Bellocan Aran 3
A. make a character with max range to kill everything
B. they have bots, they don't talk. other wise they have auto cc
C. nope that's #1 comeback
Oct 29 2012
ilikefoodand Level 200 Bera Buccaneer
A: Leave
B: Yes, unless they are afk or they are using hacks from a public release and thinks they're ~Oh so powerful~
C: Yes and no at the same time. Yes because it is. No because little kids think maple=life.
Oct 29 2012
It was mean of you to steal that guy's party
Oct 29 2012
old school maple rule he / she who was on the map first gets the map until they give it up i feel i am one of the only people within the game that respect this old rule unfortunately
Oct 29 2012
RustedEdge Level 192 Zenith Night Walker 4
People care too much.
Oct 29 2012
AugPirate Level 174 Khaini Mercedes 4
only answer i got one to is C

C: people say that when they see that their wrong and cant be proven right if god himself was on their side/.
Oct 29 2012
It was mean of you to steal that guy's party [/quote]

He was there for 5 + minutes and didnt say anything. If he had told his party "Hey guys im going afk for a couple of minutes" then I wouldnt say anything. As soon as I was added into his party he went straight to afk. So I decided to do teh sensible thing and leave and reform the party. If he came back ( he never did) I would have given it back to him
Oct 29 2012
A:Call over my godly guildmates and buddy list and siege the other party for complaining
B:Usually hackers are on bot like one of the commentors said before they have auto cc like 5 secs after you enter
C:Yes it would be a failed argument cause most people aren't gonna give two sweats and Its not a failed argument because its true but as I stated before people dont care As I said in A get some good friends a decent guild/alliance and make some friends with them they'll have your back I feel bad that you had to get in an argument over this hope it helped -Colo =P
Oct 29 2012
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