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Opinions on Cussing

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upcomingnerd Level 102 Scania Beast Tamer Shared
Do you cuss? If so, where? Are you allowed to cuss at home? work? school? I grew up not cussing at home, so now when I go into other peoples homes, I refrain from cussing unless they cuss. Also I will not cuss around children.

I have a few friends who are parents now, and they cuss around their kids and are surprised when their 3 year old cusses.
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pinoymystic Level 139 Khaini Paladin See what games, anime & art pinoymystic is intopinoymystic
I grew up not learning to cuss. And it stuck with me until freshman year of college? Like I made it apparent not to cuss. Up until I decided to question my faith (since I did this all for my morality and spirituality), I decided to just swear all the time. As of now, I don't cuss anymore like I used to. But I just do it when I'm terribly angry or I'm writing stuff down on the internet. I don't say it verbally because I just cannot..
Jan 09 2017
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