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Orchid & Lotus Screen

By dollface

dollface Level 71 Demethos Hermit
Jan 05 2015 such a cheesy attempt in manga style LOL

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Miiro Level 165 Reboot Shade 4
You captured that 'cheesy dramatic manga' quality perfectly.
Simultaneously, though, this is really cool...their outfits look great.
Jan 05 2015
PokeGuyX Level 151 Reboot Luminous 4
Its all good exceptt fir Lotus hair. Try making it look like the Lotus Xenon hair
Jan 05 2015
Barquifa Level 151 Bera Kanna 4
+1 lotus looks like he has no neck lol
Jan 05 2015
Midget Level 40 Windia I/L Wizard
+1 i-it can't be...! it's same face syndrome!
Jan 05 2015
Sojin Level 177 Bellocan Wind Archer 4
Commanders, please stomp on me hngg
Jan 06 2015

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