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Origin of Nexons Ideas

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iDivideZer0 Level 204 Scania Shadower
Lets make a list of where in the media, history or mythology that Nexon got their ideas from.

Horntail = Lernaean Hydra (Greek mythology)
Ravana = Ravana (a Hindu demon)
Zakum = from Islam
Balrog = Balrog from Lord of the Rings
Amdusias, Andras, Crocell, Valefor, Marbas, Astaroth = demonology
Headless Horseman = Headless horseman from [i]Legend of Sleepy Hollow[/i] by Washington Irving
Bigfoot = Bigfoot/Sasquatch
Castellan Toad = Castellan means ruler of a castle, and Castellan from maplestory is the ruler of ninja castle
Samiho and Nine Tail Fox boss = Gumiho from Korean myth
Frankenroid = Frankenstein monster

Ludibrium = Legoland, "Ludibreum" means plaything in Latin
Temple of Time = Temple of Time from Legend of Zelda (those guardians look like those statues you control with the dominion rod in Twilight Princess)
Showa Town (Gunboss and etc.) = Yakuza or Triads
Aqua Road = Atlantis
Omega Sector = Power rangers
New Leaf City = name sounds like NYC, Hollywood-like sign, egyptian sphinx, Mt. Rushmore, Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Easter Island Statues, many more
Korean Folk Town = based off many Korean folk stories
Ariant, Nihal Desert, Netts Pyramid and Azwan = Egypt
Chryse = looks like Roman collosseum
Battle Square (PvP) = used as a Roman collosseum (gladiators fighting to the death)
Orbis = means city in Latin (orbus)
Magatia = alchemy background with a Romeo and Juliet story
Ellinia = Lothlorien from LoTR

Familiars = Familiars in witch craft
Read Leaf High and Boss Kumi = Gokusen manga
Crimsonwood Keep: Hall of Mastery BGM: a remix of The Tragic Prince from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Cloud mount = magic cloud from the Chinese novel, [i]Journey to the West[/i] (better known as nimbus cloud from DBZ, they got that from the Chinese novel too)

Blackwings in Edelstein = Nazis
Stirgeman = Batman
Icarus = Icarus from Greek myth
Dingshroder the cat (Malady's familar) = schrodinger's cat
Lucas = George Lucas
Maria = Maria Lucas (George Lucas' wife)
Iceberg Slim = Robert Beck (known as Iceberg Slim, a former pimp and author of American urban fiction)

New Arrow Rain animation = Arcus Union attack from Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
Intrepid Slash = looks like Link's triple A combo in SSBB.
Radiant Buster/Blast = Link's Sword Beam
Shadower Instinct, Veil of Shadow (hyper skill) and Shade Split = Shinobi from the 2002 PS2 Shinobi game
Ifrit = from Islam
Rage Uprising = last hit of Ike's final smash
Ancient Warding = Shishigami from Princess Mononoke(Ghibli)

Lvl 130 Weapons = demonology
Stonetooth Sword = Zabimaru (Renji's zanpaktou from Bleach)
Talking Witch Hat = Vivi's hat from Final Fantasy series, Sorting Hat from Harry Potter
Blue screamer 2h sword = Tidus' brotherhood sword
Crocell hat = demonology, looks like inyuasha

Ravishing Raven (F) = Rukia's hair from Bleach
Astro (M) = Astroboy's hair from Astroboy
Fury (M) = Hitsugaya's hair from Bleach
Fever (M) = Justin Bieber's old hairstyle
Heavy metal hair = Cloud's hair from Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children
Designer (F) = Yuri Hirasawa's hair from K-ON
Bow on Top VIP hair = lady gaga
Palm Tree = Sandara Park

Dual Blade = Lloyd from Tales of Series (?)
Mercedes = Arya from Eragon
Phantom = Arsene Lupin the fictitious phantom thief from the book series of Maurice Leblanc, Great Phantom Thief card from Yu-Gi-Oh, Gambit from X-men, Kaitou Kid from Detective Conan, Tamaki Suoh from Ouran Highschool club
Mechanic = Transformers/Gundam/Gurren Lagann (LOL)
Buccaneer = Goku from DBZ (pretty much every saiyan in the series)
Evan = Eragon
Mihile = Michael the Archangel (?)
Demon Slayer = looks like Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Any other ideas?
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Zakum was actually from something involving Islam
Oct 30 2012
Juliepanda Level 201 Bellocan Evan 10th Growth
red leaf high and boss kumi = gokusen manga
Oct 30 2012
DSdavidDS Level 200 Scania Bow Master
I'd have to disagree with the Legolas and Mercedes

But to the main subject:
Korean Folk Town => Many traditional Korean folk stories
Oct 30 2012
Chubsin Level 170 Khaini Night Lord
How is Omega Sector Area 51? Area 51 is a desert.

Mercedes is Arya from Eragon.
Oct 30 2012
iDivideZer0 Level 204 Scania Shadower
How is Omega Sector Area 51? Area 51 is a desert.

Mercedes is Arya from Eragon.[/quote]

There are myths about area 51 being an area where they keep all aliens and stuff, well yea omega sector is in a forest and area 51 is in the middle of the desert
Oct 30 2012
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