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Osu Any Tips?

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bac0npancakes Level 250 Scania Luminous 4
I just recently started getting into Osu! (mostly because maplestory was down and I had nothing to play) and it's kind of hard for me to keep up with the rings, sliders, etc. Basically everything lol, and I can't even making it through one song without the point bar dying. So any tips & tricks that could help me out?
Posted: July 2017 Permalink


bridesmaid Level 164 Scania Shadower
Try using the Half mod to get used to the rhythm of your favorite song. Once you're a bit familiar predicting the circles start playing it at normal speed.
Jul 20 2017
weeb Level 250 Windia Xenon 4
Start off with some songs you are 100% with, (Know the rhythm, beat and the way the song goes) and once you get those down.
Practice, practice and practice !
You're one step closer to being an Osu Rhythm champion.
Jul 20 2017
kaneki Level 212 Bera Mercedes 4 See what games, anime & art kaneki is intoKaneki
set background dimness to 100%, fix sensitivity enough that's comfortable for you, use a simple but effective skin (i recommend the skin called 'yugen.' overrated, but works extremely well. here is the link ), first listen to some songs THEN play, or even just watch someone else play first so you have an idea. make sure to check : BPM and AR. ar is approach rate. play songs that you can actually play. if you want to practice harder songs that you're unsure about, try using the mod no fail first until you think you're ready.
Jul 21 2017

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