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Hello, and welcome to The Ultimate Leeching Guide. Every day there are tons of threads posted on Basil about this subject. Hopefully this will help answer them. This guide will explain what leeching is, how it works, and where/how to do it.

What is Leeching?

Basically, leeching is simply partying up with someone, and letting them kill the monsters around you. Since you're in their party, a partial amount of the experience will go to you, in essence allowing you to "leech" their work. If you've ever afked to get a drink while partied with someone, you've leeched before. If you're one of those people who go into a PQ and let everyone else do all the work, you're a leecher. Congratulations!

Why should I Leech?

In most cases, you can level much faster leeching then simply training yourself. Perhaps you have a horrible computer/internet connection and cannot train yourself anymore. Maybe you're bogged down with school/work, but still want to level. Maybe you're just plain lazy. These are generally the reasons it boils down to.

Who should I leech from?

In most cases, Bishops and Arch Mages are the way to go. They have an insane skill that allows them to hit up to 15 monsters at once, with massive damage, turning them into the most efficient class at training. That's why there are so many level 200 Mages on the rankings. Of course they're not always the way to go. while Mages are amazing on regular monsters, for 1v1 targets such as bosses, they're lack-luster at best. In a boss leech scenario, you'd want either a Hero/Drk, NL, or BM. Of course other jobs can boss as well, but these are the most popular due to their high DPM in 1v1 combat. Check the BasilMarket listings for people selling leech

When should I leech?

This is a rather subjective matter. If you were really devoted to leeching, you can start as low as level 1. In my personal opinion, I suggest waiting until level 75. This is the level you can begin to leech Wolf Spiders, which are the first leechable monster that rakes in the really big numbers. It also gives you 75 levels to learn how to control your character. If you leech your way from level 1 to 120, sure you're strong, but you'll have no idea how to use your guy. Starting at 75 will also allow you to fully appreciate how fast the EXP rate is. It all comes down to you though, so follow your gut.

The downsides of leeching

Yes, there are downsides to leeching. For one thing, it's very expensive. An AM/Bishop spends millions of mesos an hour on potions. As such, they charge millions for leech. For a single hour at Harps, it can cost anywhere from 5 to 7 million an hour. The Maple community in general regard leechers as lazy, ignorant people, and some go as far as to compare them to hackers. Some even say they'd prefer hackers over leechers. The actual process of buying leech is risky in itself as well. There are scammers out there who will take your money and run. Make sure they're trusted before paying. Check their basil listing for comments, and simply profile the person. Are they in a respected guild? DO DEY TALK LIK DIS? Do they have body odour? Use your judgmental skills. Lastly, as I stated above, if you leech your way to 4th job, you'll have no idea what to do. You won't have any experience controlling your character, and you'll undoubtedly die a few times, become exasperated, and run back to buy more leech. If you still feel like leeching is for you, read on!

Where should I leech?

Ah, finally to the heart of the matter. Technically speaking, you can leech anywhere in MapleStory. However, some spots are better then others. I'll be posting the spot, the monster, and the minimum level needed to leech there.


Oh cmon, you really need to leech these levels? well, this is the ULTIMATE Guide, so I guess I should include it.

Henesys Hunting Ground I -

Snails, Blue Snails, Mushrooms, Red Snails, Slimes, Stumps, Orange Mushrooms
Minimum Level - 3 for Orange Mushrooms, 1 for everything else.

This is pretty straight forward. Have a Bishop/AM stand on the 2nd platform of the map, and simply spam their ultimates. While it probably isn't much faster then simply training, it's an option. Newbs will probably defame you for KSing, but that's the price you gotta pay for success.

Ellinia: Dungeon, Southern Forest I -

Minimum Level - 1

The spawn is pretty thick here, so the EXP will be ok. I'd still suggest training, but it's your choice.

Lith Harbor: The Pig Beach -

Pigs, Ribbon Pigs
Minimum Level - 2 for Pigs, 5 for Ribbon Pigs

Again, thick spawn. just hang on a rope and let the EXP roll in.

Kerning City: Subway Line 1 Area 1 -

Minimum Level - 10

Large spawns, large map, decent EXP. Moving on.


It's so much easier to simply HPQ/train your way through these levels, but meh.

Kerning City: Transfer Area -

Minimum Level - 15

Extremely thick spawn. Good EXP, but sadly, there are no safe AFKing spots

The Burning Sands: Tent of the Entertainers -

Desert Rabbit (F), Desert Rabbit (M)
Minimum Level - 15 for Desert Rabbit (F), 16 for Desert Rabbit (M)

I've never actually trained here, but I've heard it's very good. Plenty of AFKing spots as well

MesoGears: Soul Corridor

Killa Bee
Minimum Level - 20

Decent enough spawn to consider. Not the best though.


This is where leeching takes a dramatic leap up in awesomeness. Once you hit 26, a plethora of potential opens up to you.

Phantom Forest: Hidden Evil -

Headless Horseman
Minimum Level - 26

Before I begin, let me just say; HH spawns in more then one map. I just listed one to keep it simple. Now that that's out of the way, let's get down to business. Headless Horseman is level 101, which means that at level 26 you would be unable to leech from him. That's where the magic of PG Mules come in. Basically it works like this. There's 3 people in the party. You, a level 26 Mage. Next, there's a level 31 Fighter/Page. Lastly, there's a 150 Hero. The Fighter/Page will use the skill Powerguard, and run into the HH. He will die, and be sent back to town. Now the hero begins killing the HH. Once it is dead, you will leech experience, because the PG mule hit the HH. It's kinda complicated, but worth it. You have to be at least 5 levels away from the PG mule though, or else it won't work.

Phantom Forest: The Evil Dead -

Minimum Level - 26

Once again, he spawns in a variety of locations, and once again, you will be using a PG Mule. The EXP is epic.

Zipangu: Parlor -

Minimum Level - 26

A PG Mule will be needed. It's a little difficult for a level 26 to get to her, so try and get HB. If you're a sin/dit, use Dark Sight.


Honestly, the 3 spots listed above can easily last you until 75, but if you insist on being weird, here are some alternitaves.

Ludibrium: Helios Tower <2nd Floor> -

Minimum Level - 31

Just stand in one spot and have the Bishop/AM spam their ultimate. Yawn.

Aqua Road: The Dangerous Cave -

Minimum Level - 36

Very difficult to reach at level 36. Try and get a Bishop that'll door you there. Spawn is ok, but nothing to write home about.

Alcadno Research Institute: Lab - Area A-3 -

Iron Mutae, Reinforced Iron Mutae
Minimum Level - 37 for Iron Mutae, 40 for Reinforced Iron Mutae

I haven't personally trained here before, but I've heard positive reviews. Take into consideration.


Dum de dum. You should still be leeching bosses at this point, but I guess if you wanna be unique, here are some options.

Ludibrium: Lost Time <2> -

Master Chronos
Minimum Level - 41

Once one of the most popular training maps, it is now a shadow of it's former glory. Always a viable option, but there are better.

Subway Line 2 Area 3

Minimum Level - 43

Again, a once popular map now lies dormant. Another potential contender.

Singapore: Suburban Area 2 -

Minimum Level - 43

A great addition to Singapore. The platforms are wonderful for 4th job mages, and the spawn is ridiculous.


You get the drill by now. I say stay at bosses and then say but it's your choice blah blah blah. Let's carry on.

El Nath: Forest of Dead Trees IV -

Coolie Zombie
Minimum Level - 52

Once the best map in history, now it's simply somewhere you walk through on the way to Zakum. You gradually lose damage while you're there, so make sure to sit on your chair if you AFK. There's also a timer on the map, and if you don't exit/reenter the map before the timer is up, you'll be sent back to El Nath.

Hidden Street: The Forest of Gollem -

Dark Stone Golem, Mixed Golem
Minimum Level - 53 for Dark Golem, 54 for Mixed Golem

Perfect place for Genesis/Blizz/Meteos. Also, did you ever notice the map name is "Gollem" and the monsters names are "Golem"?

Zipangu: Vanished Village -

Samiho, Water Goblin
Minimum Level - 51 for Samiho, 55 for Water Goblin

Nice spawn, but no AFK spots. It's the map right before Himes, so you'll probably get alot of traffic.

Singapore: Mysterious Path 3 -

Selkie Jr., Slimy
Minimum Level - 55 for Selkie Jr., 58 for Slimy

Another wonderful add-on from Singapore. this map has a superb spawn. However it is very popular so it may be difficult to get a map.


Almost 3rd job

Herb Town: Red-Nose Pirate Den 2 -

Kru, Captain
Minimum Level - 63 for Kru, 65 for Captain

Not much to say. Decent enough spawn to take into consideration.

Singapore: Ghost Ship 6 -

Mr. Anchor
Minimum Level - 63

Sit on the stairs and go watch T.V. The spawn is alright, but better options exist in the world.

Crimsonwood Mountain: Lower Ascent -

Minimum Level - 65

These things are amazing. 800 EXP! The map is a little awkward, true, but it's a great place to leech. Kinda hard to get there though.


Alright, now we're talkin'! This is the greatest level range to begin leeching

MesoGears: Wolf Spider Cavern -

Wolf Spiders
Minimum Level - 75

  • Chorus of angels singing in the background- These things are potentially the most awesome monster ever designed by Nexon. First of, it's a Wolf and a Spider. Also they give 1.2k EXP each and spawn in huge masses. You'll cry at how fast the EXP is here :'D Only one problem. At the time of writing this, Wolf Spiders is completely infested with hackers, making leeching here impossible.

Leafre: Sky Nest II -

Harp, Blood Harp
Minimum Level - 78

One of, if not the most, popular maps to leech in. The platform configuration is perfect for mages, and there's a rope perfectly placed so you can be buffed. The EXP rate is amazing, and you'll level super fast

Ludibrium: Deep Inside of Watch Tower

Minimum Level - 120

The reason Papulatus is listed in the 71-80 section is because level 80 is the earliest you are allowed to fight him. It's hard to leech off of him for a variety of reasons. Firstly, you need to do a whole bunch of quests to gain access to him. Secondly, you need 116 ACC to hit his first body 100% of the time at level 80, and 386 ACC to hit his 2nd body 100% (270 ACC to hit it 33.3% of the time). Some people will find this unattainable. Lastly, he is a boss after all, and as such is quite strong. It's best to have a DrK killing it so that he can HB you and increase the likelihood of survival. Not exactly the most practical of choices to leech from, but it's a possibility nonetheless.


~Will be updated soon~


Hidden Street: Red Wyvern's Nest -

Red Wyvern
Minimum Level - 92

That's quite a gap between the two leeching areas. Anyways, this is a great map to leech at. Each Wyvern gives 2.5k EXP, and you can AFK in peace. There are rumours of people being autobanned here however, so watch out.

Zipangu: Encounter with the Buddha -

Minimum Level - 95

Ah, Himes, how I love you. EwtB is a perfectly flat map, and very nice spawns. Sadly, there's nowhere safe to AFK, but the EXP is worth hanging around. Be warned though, Black Crow spawns here occasionally, and he has about 8k touch damage.

Crimsonwood Mountain: The Path of Peril -

Minimum Level - 95

These are pretty much just flying Himes. They give the same EXP and are the same level. Again, there's nowhere safe to AFK, but at least there are no 1hko traps.

Hidden Street: Blue Wyvern's Nest -

Blue Wyvern
Minimum Level - 96

Viable alternative to Himes/Typhons. You can AFK safely here, and the EXP is decent.

Leafre: Entrance to Dragon Nest -

Dark Wyvern
Minimum Level - 98

Another map to consider. The EXP is fine and you can AFK without fear.


Ah, finally nearing the end of the guide. These are the final maps you'll see in your maple career.

Leafre: Destroyed Dragon Nest -

Jr. Newtie, Nest Golem
Minimum Level - 100 for Jr. Newtie, 105 for Nest Golem

This map is lovely. The Jr. Newties are stationary, and some turn into Nest Golems. They give tons of EXP, and with a mage, you'll be cruising to 4th job in no time.

Leafre: Peak of the Big Nest -

Nest Golem, Skelosaurus
Minimum Level - 105 for Nest Golem, 108 for Skelesaurus

A good choice of maps to leech in. It has two platforms. The top has Skeles and the bottom has Golems. This map isn't as great for mages due to the layout, but it's still very nice.

Leafre: The Dragon Nest Left Behind -

Skelegon, Skelosaurus
Minimum Level - 105 for Skelegon, 108 for Skelsaurus

The final frontier. This is the last map that many people find themselves in, and has some of the strongest monsters in the game. The EXP is of course amazing, and there are ropes galore.

Zakum's Altar

Zakum's Arm 1 to 8
Minimum Level - 50/135

Yes, nowadays it's possible to leech even Zakum. The once impenetrable behemoth has been reduced to a mere leveling tool. You'll want either a Hero or a Dark Knight to leech from. Of course, since there are 8 arms, a PG Mule is out of the question [EDIT - Apparently I was wrong. You can use a PG Mule :O He just has to be level 50 or higher, so he can enter Zakum]. You'll have to be level 135, or have enough accuracy to hit each arm at least once. After the arms are dead, it's over, since Zakum Bodies 1 & 2 don't give EXP, and it takes too long to kill the 3rd. You can only leech the arms twice a day, and you'll need to have done the pre-requisite quests to enter.