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Playing Maple Healthily

This guide is designed to help you fit Maple Story into your life. Nowadays, playing Maple Story in a healthy way techniques are so dry, that you must become really devoted to do such a commitment. This guide has loosened it to be much easier. Included is a checklist, just in case you do not want to read all of this. Also, please leave constructive suggestions and or comments, I actually do respond. Thank you.

Fame's Table of Contents

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Risks I can tell many of us nowadays are playing MapleStory unhealthily But sooner or later it's going to hurt. In a test according to Web MD ( a health site) Males and females in a test of 10,000 gamers had 45.1% that they had depression or cabin fever- a condition of a weakened immune system due to not getting outside more. Some other effects include (but is not limited to): epileptic seizures, dizziness, back pain, carpal tunnel, muscle/eye twitches, changed vision, disorientation and convulsion. Some long term effects include social separation, anti-socialness and isolation. It is important to understand the risks if you want to play MapleStory healthily.
Yamaman: Just a BTW comment, if you put a laptop on your lap or anywhere near your *parts* you burn sperm from the radiation coming off the computer.
I researched that quote and learned the same goes for cell phones, etc. near your ears and can cause cancer. According to "Do Not Open" By Scholastic INC. the average computer is DIRTIER than an average TOILET!"


  • I suggest you use a firm seat with a back with a cushion for posture support. Posture helps maintain confidence and height. According to HOUSA (Health Organization of USA), slouching-not sitting erect- causes folding of spines and shrinking height.
  • Make sure you use your mouse with a loose grip, not a FIRM one.
  • Don't use any of the desks or desktop structure for support for wrists.
  • Play in a well lighted bright area preferably with a window or fan on for fresh air.
  • Play with music for brain cell growth promotion.


  • Take 10 minute breaks each hour, and 1 hour breaks every 3 hours.
  • Make sure your computer doesn't feel hot or heats up as that can damage it.
  • Playing on a bed or an area with rugged back support damages your back and causes pain.
  • When taking a break, or on ship rides, eat fruit, excercise, stretch, rest, drink water or do something else productive. When I take breaks, I play basketball (I'm a pointgaurd and small foward)
  • Excercise, many claim to have lives or jobs but continuously are on Maple each hour and hour and hour...
  • Quit. If you have a Maple addiction, you're bound to have not many friends, strong bodies or social life, don't be a hermit! If you must, at least take a break from MapleStory, say in the summer or on vacations.
xClandestine: Energy drinks aren't healthy. And you generally want to keep a bottle of water around for hydration instead of sugary drinks anyhow. Not only that, if you spill it it won't cause a mess. You probably shouldn't have food and drink besides water around your desk anyhow. Get up and go eat at the table...

Also... You should add something about configuring hot keys in the game to an easier set-up (i.e. Having all attack skills for your left hand to worry about so the right hand only uses arrow keys to move/pot your char). If your hands are using keys in awkward movements and placement, it's gonna contribute to carpal tunnel pretty fast. Additionally, you should put something about ensuring your monitor refresh rate is decent, as staring at a poorly refreshed screen for hours on end can cause headaches.

Lastly, put something up about stretching even if you don't move from your seat. Like if you train for 2 hours straight, your arms might feel numb or simply uncomfortable. You should take a second to stand up and stretch before continuing...

Hopefully you read these potential additions and take them into consideration for your guide. Thanks =)


crazycool12: You'd be surprised

OT:I think this is a good guide but try adding a part where you can discuss on how to fight maple addiction or how to quit without using extreme methods
Something for the addicted Mapler who wants to quit or for a student whose grades are falling because of Maple.

EDIT: Add a part on time management for Maple

Addiction is a big problem, and about 70% or more players have it. Here's how to fight.

Have you ever reflected? Look at your grades and life for Pete's sakes! If you look at how many hours passed, you could have used that for making money then spending money on a game! You should hang out with friends or do more things to help. Ask yourself is it really worth it? Why?
Here's an extreme technique for extreme addiction ( it may sound weird, but will be effective):Lock yourself in a room with books or something else that's not a computer or a video gaming console. Do what you can and eventually, bring your homework there, and do everything there! When you feel like you've broken you're addiction. Resume life. Keep a sticky note around you or gradually reduce the time from playing. Otherwise, before you get home, go to a library, park or excercise to reduce time at home playing.
ArchHalo: I can't do most of this seeing as my internet only works on my bed for some weird reason, also the addiction will destroy your grades is stupid, i consider myself an addict since i play 4 hours a day and like 6 days a week, yet i can still keep my grades to at least "B" average, you can be a addict a and be fit, its real easy, and social life destruction is dumb especially when your friends in real lifel play Maple too, I know 5 people who play maple irl and 3 of them might be considered "addicts" yet they stay in shape, about the wrist not resting on anything, that is dumb your suposed to rest the wrist on something, or you will get wrist pains.
No matter how tempting and easy it may seem, it's not. This is just one of those bad examples.

Healthy Checklist

This checklist is a quick reference that you should create and spread around to friends who play any games. The boxes indicate where the check goes.
  • Back straight, with monitor at eye-level [ ]
  • Preferably a cushion and a firm back of a seat [ ]
  • Hands having no firm grip on mouse, and wrists not resting on anything [ ]
  • Having a well-lit area with fresh air [ ]
  • A bottle or two of a healthy drink, preferably juice, milk, water or hot chocolate. [ ]
  • Taking breaks every hour, 3 hours, on ships, waiting for someone, or when the time calls for it [ ]
  • Excercising at least once a day for 60 minutes [ ]


  • IareRedField: Is there any certain ways you should play a laptop?

  • Answer: Yes, when you play laptops, unlike putting on your lap, put it on a desk, as you would for a desktop and shaking the laptop while it is on damages the hard drive severely even if it's just one rattle. If you don't have a desk, buy or make a lapdesk and start from there, sometimes the laptop gets hot and heats your legs and pressures it.
I've played since 2005 and I USED to be an addict (just letting you know).
Now i still play, but it's not as "frequent", maybe 6+ hours on the weekends, but on weekdays, I do school work and such.
I'd just like to know, am I counted as an addict anymore or do I seem to have a "control" on it?
During my 6-10 hour periods, I usually DON'T take breaks, maybe halfway through for lunch, but that's about it.
Unless I need to get a snack after wards or go to the toilet, I don't have a break.
I used to have good eyesight (like very good), but at the beginning of 2008, I realized my eyesight had decreased somewhat.
My question is - Do i need glasses and such, or will I be able to gain my eyesight back slowly if I use the computer a lot less.
Facts - I go on the computer every single day.
On weekdays - Homework, then 1 hour of computer, roughly 30 minutes-1 hour break during dinner and taking a shower.
Resume to computer session for an average of 3 hours.
Weekends - Sort of from 10am - 10pm (i have a lunch and dinner break).
If THIS help - my parents also have somewhat bad eyesight:
I'm 14 and wondering - Could this be the genetic effects of my parents finally catching up to me because of puberty?

Answer:"Players may play "many" hours per day, gain or lose significant weight due to playing, disrupt sleep patterns to play, play at work, avoid phone calls from friends and/or lie about play time. Relationships with family and friends, and performance at work or school, may suffer."-Wikipedia.
You are then considered an addict. Like I said you must cut take breaks and do more than school and computer. First cut down the 6 hours to maybe just 5 hours and 45 min. Go bit by bit. Then eventually it'll go away. If you want to be scared, there is a story of a girl named "Snowly" in World of Warcraft who decided to fight the Black Dragon King. After many hours, she told her friends she was tired then 2 hours later, died. She has a world record for biggest online funeral. I don't suggest you do what she has done.


I hope this guide leads to a better lifestyle with no stress and that it encourages good playing.

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