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Owils Screen

By Minurah

Apr 23 2012 Good day to you. (:
So on my previous screen I said I would take one request from those who recently PMed me. it is! OwIls of Bera. (Adella) I might have modified some things. Like... the shirt's color, which is toned down. She does not have glasses on her because Mr. Owl stole them. (And also because I wanted her eyes to stand out.) Her bow is also smaller. I worked on the hair beforehand and did not want to cover up my efforts with an enormous bow. ;-; Some things: I still need more work with that anatomy...I don't know how to draw that skirt in that position...I like this new style of coloring...I did not follow the lighting...I think I have improved.
In case you guys are wondering, the program I used was SAI paint tool. Used bannedstory for certain parts. Still have no tablet. (Used a mouse.) Original size is 1700x1500. Anyways, hope you all enjoy. (:

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Pashmimi Level 188 Windia Paladin
She's so pretty..... -sparkly eyes-
Your art style is reminding me of Koge-Donbo*'s style more and more!
Apr 24 2012
onigiri123 Level 10 Scania Citizen
Apr 24 2012
This is.. AMAZING.

I Love Mr. Owl!~ Thank you so much
Apr 24 2012
KellyMage123 Level 162 Windia Battle Mage 4
Can't wait to see your art with a tablet!
Apr 24 2012
Pavchka Level 150 Broa Shadower
The skirt looks fine. You're good with the blur/watercolour tool. I somehow partly erase what I'm trying to blur or watercolour.
Apr 24 2012

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