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P/c 120atck 6 Atck

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It is 120ATtack 6%Attack 4 % crit
2 hammers 3 enhancement 3 L EPIC blood dagger lvl 100
Why are dagger prices increasing next week?
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So its a 120 atk dagger with 6 atk pot?
Jan 23 2012
Mynameisgregory Level 192 Broa Zero Transcendent
ehhh i'd offer you a piece of lint
Jan 23 2012
roca Level 161 Scania Bishop
don't listen to anyone here. they're trying to mess with you. i say don't sell it. price is gona raise for those pretty soon. keep it for 1 more week.
Jan 23 2012
It is 120ATtack 6%Attack 4 % crit
Jan 23 2012
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