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P/c on 15 star tyrant cape

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Tamale Level 148 Windia Night Lord Boundless Guild
My friend said he would sell me his 15 star tyrant cape but I don't know the price of it anymore as everything as inflated in recent months.

+165-170 stats
+184 att
3 line unique 18% str
4% all stat neb

Thanks for the help. even a rough estimate is fine. This is in windia btw if that changes anything.
Posted: November 2014 Permalink


ProEwok Level 122 Scania Luminous 4
Id say 400$
Nov 08 2014
Bordere Level 205 Renegades Zero Transcendent
184 attack is like having a second weapon
Nov 10 2014
What a sexy beast of a cape, i want one D:
Nov 10 2014

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