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PB event, pros en cons

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gekkegerrit Level 201 Bera Shade 4
PB event, now for the second time, is cool, me likie.
But there are all allways thing that can improved.
Soooo, time fo the famous pros and cons.

First the pros (i am a very possitive guy)
PB is like a tank.
PBs mobility is great !
PB's taste of beer is great ! (he loves Duvel!)
then some things that can be improved
PB shoud have a TravelRock that valid during the whole PB event.
PB cant use the accounts bank. At least give PB the possibility to put his mesos on the bank when the event ends.

What did you like or didnt like about the PB event ?
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makemsgreatagai Level 48 Scania Crusader
+1 @lokie: since when was i being a jerk for denying ppls invite to join their party for some event? you saying i dont have that right?
and indeed your also saying i dont have to do the event. and yeah i dont have to. your point? whos the jerk now? do you just not like it because i dont wanna do the event and not joining others counts as not doing it?
when was i taking it out on anybody here? and since when were you the one to dictate what gets to be said here? this is a PUBLIC FORUM. we can express our issues however we want to, whether to nexon or outside
pls, stop, before you continue to embarass yourself
Jun 04 2018
lokie Level 140 Bera Blaze Wizard 4
@makemsgreatagai: Not saying you don't have a right, lol please learn to read before you spout idiotic nonsense..

Im calling you out on your statement of it being the other players responsibility to take it upon themselves to finish the event. WTF are you saying.. Its a requirement to an event if you dont want to partake you DONT have to. Im not calling you out on being a jerk, im calling the other dude a jerk for being just a dk to someone who just asked to be in a party. You can just say no and continue walking away.
he made it seem as though its the players fault for playing a PB, and to do something ASKED of the event..

Yeah its a public forum, yet why shout with no one to hear. Say it in a place where it COULD speak volumes, and not fall deafs years, because thats just a waste of your time.

and besides there is NO mess.. it just one dude being a jerk. thats not a FLAW in the event, nor is it a flaw Of nexon for designing such an event. Thats a FLAW in that dudes perception..
Jun 04 2018
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