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Is anyone else on Maplestory 2


The title is self explanatory...

Intuitive Spin-off Game titles of Oldschool Maplestory


Eloa is coming out on Steam as Warlords Awakening and it reminds me of the Zakum bossing days of Maplestory. A left handed trackpad mouse for Eloa...

OverwatchCompetitive Season 10Tracer Nepal

I had a long week but I was happy to get some footage and edit. New video each week! If you enjoyed please subscribe w/ notifications turned on and sh...

Thundercall as a 3d maplestory dupe

I found a maplestory type game that is 3d in case you guys wanted this game,

Osu Any Tips?


I just recently started getting into Osu! (mostly because maplestory was down and I had nothing to play) and it's kind of hard for me to keep up ...

Warframeis going OPEN WORLD And More


Maplestory Mugen 1.0 Full Game Update v4.3 Override


aight guys, here is the new update of Maplestory Mugen. The update contains: 11 Characters added under the roster, total was 55 Characters 3 Stage...

Medal of Honor

I didn't know nexon has released a new game. Check it out:

MMORPG that still has a solid Holy Trinity?


I'm wondering if such thing still exist....

Maplestory Mugen 1.0 BETA


Nice, but better, I looked at the characters in selection from Windia, LOL Whoever made this characters and project, suscribe his channel. Also, the f...

Black Gold online is in beta still even as a quality game


This is in OPEN BETA right now and only 11 gigs, making it a non-laggy game like maple is low gig!: Give ...

I need laptop ideas help pleade


So my college gave me money to get a new laptop and I want one that's good for design purposes But could run maple. I havent played maple in a f...

Have Dota 2 Items, Want NX, Mesos or INT%

PM for SteamID. I have Dragonclaw Hooks, Golden Inmortals, Unusual Couriers, Dark Artistry Cape, Arcanas, etc....

trying to install Blade amp Soul


im trying out different games because im back to getting bored on MS, i get on, do daily activities and whatever events and quests are new, and that a...

Video Game Idealism Art Makes no sense


Look at what I found: This game called severance is so funny for me to see how many people reject a pra...

Returning Maple Player

I'm a returning Maplestory player in a new world with a new character. I'm a demon slayer and I wanna know any tips for returning to Maple a...

Dota 2 ITEMS for NX CASH


Hey guys, by any chance do some of you play dota 2? i was thinking of trading some of my items for nx cash, cause its hard to buy nx here and i also w...

legion is gonna be so hype


anyone else playing wow and hyped for legion? actually looks like there is stuff to do this time whoaa...

Make Pokemon Great Again


In need of a free Pokemon based online game with an active community chat box? Ever want to own your very own one of a kind crystal pokemon? Do you li...

Earning Mesos In Reboot


Hello. This is my first time playing reboot, I did learn as I kinda played thru, but now that I reached 150, I don't receive more mesos from the ...



I blew up my Fafnir Polearm with a mag murgoth soul HELP PLS...

Mirror039s Edge Catalyst opinions

Well I've been hyped for years and I got it day one. Kinda had mixed feelings on the game after I finished it. A month or so later I have the str...

Warframe boyzzzZ


where the warframe homies at daaaaaaag reach ma coochie magooch str8 respex DESteve munchamacoochie...

recommend some games for me to buy during steam sale


since steam sale starts in a couple hours, recommend some games for me to buy. here's what i already have:

Waifu Bartending


Lets play gunbound


Found a cool site that plays like the original gunbound but in the browser. EDIT: Game deleted my account......

Building new PC for new games


Hey guys. I will be selling my current PC and I'm looking to build a new one with a budget of $750. Looking to play games like gta5, overwatch, a...

League Of Legends Ranked Help


Hello, I'm currently in Silver V and am in dire need of help. I was silver 3 a week ago and Silver 1 at the end of last season. This season I...



Lets play overwatch! Im still trying to convince my friends to download it so feel free to add me IGN: Justinvade I play usually around 5-10pm EST Lo...

League Of Legends Ranked Help

Hello, I'm currently in Silver V and am in dire need of help. I was silver 3 a week ago and Silver 1 at the end of last season. This season I...