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PC on Bloody Recipies

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Used my Secret Recipe and got:

Eligos Bloody Cape (Mage)
Mist Walker Heavy Boots (Thief)
Ipos Bloody Crossbow

PC please? Thanks.
Posted: October 2011 Permalink


dragon3838 Level 137 Khaini Bishop
if you were in khaini i would buy the ipos bloody crossbow recipe
Oct 07 2011
StingBulb Level 192 Broa Beast Tamer Cat
I would like to know too
Oct 07 2011
MrMission Level 81 Bera Chief Bandit
I bought a mage cape recipie for 10m. Seen another for 30m. Gali prices.
Oct 07 2011
Aw and I thought Bloody recipes were worth a lot. No idea how much the crossbow would be at least?
Oct 07 2011

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