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PC on Im a Lucky Guy medal in Bera.

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Crazydudeex Level 160 Bera Kanna 4
I got the medal yesterday during hot time and I wanna know the price of it. :o
And if anyone wants to buy send me a PM.

SS : [IMG][/IMG]

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10-30 bil
Jul 17 2011
10b? iounno
Jul 17 2011
thingy97 Level 110 Chaos Corsair
[url=]Fixed for you.[/url]
I heard someone sold theirs for 40b.
Jul 17 2011
Why is there a ? mark. I'll answer it I guess. Yes you are a lucky guy.
Jul 17 2011
First person ever to provide a screenshot?
gratz on gettin' it.
Jul 17 2011
Its worth 15b+. People are offering 30b plus for it btw. I think you should smega is and see the best offer.
Jul 17 2011
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