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Pace for C.Vel

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gakinotsukai Level 240 Bera Bishop
Granted I'm still learning how to properly dodge, my best run in C.Vel has been Deep Breath phase with about 8m remaining (Lost last life here cause I had no idea what that attack was =/). Does that seem like it might be on pace to be able to solo? I can see that she is above ground for a much longer time as the fight goes on but considering it's was about 45% hp left with 8 min remaining it seemed like it was cutting it close.
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masinko Level 174 Broa Battle Mage 4 Abyssel Guild See what games, anime & art masinko is intoMasinko
Possibly if you work on your controls. Here's a video of someone with good mechanics killing it in about 18 minutes. If you do more damage than this Evan does, you can do it, but it does take practice.
Aug 06 2016
gakinotsukai Level 240 Bera Bishop
@masinko - That's a very nice video. I cleared C.Vel a couple of nights ago in about 19min but min range videos are always so great due to mechanics knowledge vs flat out dps.
Aug 06 2016
gakinotsukai Level 240 Bera Bishop
@cherrytigers - I'm definitely set now after upgrading as I'm hitting 30m-caps. On my first clear I think it was 18-30m.

Properly utilizing all damage sources like in the video above, using my own breath hyper vs her breath and not being so scared of her tails definitely helps. Since anything past cvel looks pretty unreachable for now, I'll probably do my own low range clear.
Aug 15 2016

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