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Bossing for Paladins


Hello all Paladins: I am a level 184 paladin in this account as a main, I was wondering what my range would need to be in the current meta to be ab...

Hyper Skills?


Wondering how I should invest the rest of my hyper skills? Below are my current buffed stats, I have 103 points to use. I ...

2017 Paladin Override Guide


what do u guys think of my paladin guide

Blessed Hammer is just what Pally needed


Seriously, this skill is bonkers....

sword w/ 6% str does 12 luk add acc/avoid?


I bought a lvl 100 maple 1-handed sword for 1mil and the potential has 6% str and 12 luk, the 12 luk is not needed because i need str, but does the lu...

Paladin Guide 2017


hey guys i made a paladin vide guide tell me what you think, its my first guide. i didn't talk about things from the beyond update also i tested...

Buff freezers now retain charges/blast buff


Anyone notice when this change occurred? It's really nice not having to charge up, blast and charge back up again...

3 minutes Blast o

I think is not too bad ;o

Node Discussion


I'm a little lost when it comes to our perfect nodes. I get that we should obviously have Blast across some nodes, then maybe a charge (holy?). B...

Beyond KMS v1.2.269 Changes New Skill

1 TL;DR: Blast takes on your last charge's element and its...

Paladin 5th Job Videos


Just a couple of 5th job paladin bossing videos, if anyone's interested. I'm still learning how to kill them more efficiently using only sel...

sword or hammer?


sword or hammer?...

Did we get buffed?


Hi there... on the last update patch note I saw that: "Advanced Charge: Increased attack count." I wanted to ask what does this ACTUALLY mea...

Buff freezers charges/blast buff


Do buff freezers retain your charges/blast buff? I had to used a few and they don't seem to retain these 2 buffs Is this suppose to be intended...

help with my sword


should i put a 6% total dmg neb on my 257 mistilteinn...

Hellux and CRA


What range is recommended to solo these bosses? I'm finding it difficult to get help to get these equipment items in Reboot so I figure if no one...

We can use sacro on our party members


Check out the Hi-five video! The paladin casts some buff on a ds, and when he sacro-ed, the ds got sacro-ed too! If it works for our other skills, tha...

Better Shield


Hey there, Im a lvl 200 pali... I have'ne played for more than a year now. i've got a shitty shield since lvl 100-somthing... i need an endg...

What did you achieve on your Paladin?


I know this has been done before but the last thread for this has been locked and I'd like to share my achievements with someone so I want to pos...

Weapon and Secondary Potentials


Hey, so I have - one handed Japanese Sword + shield - two handed Japanese Sword + sub weapon So I was wondering what stats am I going for if I want t...

Inner Ability


Just wondering what I'm supposed to be aiming for in terms of stats? I'm a 1hander Paladin so I don't know if that makes a difference...

Post your range here


Exact or estimate are both fine. 23361-33091 Unbuffed 37573-40237 buffed w/ divine shield Level 188...

10 Second cool down blast?


Hi, I was just wondering whether or not this nerf was ever coming to paladins.... I will cry if it is....

Blast skill update


Does the blast buff not add to range/damage anymore after the patch? Or is it just me.....

Shield Stats


I'm just wondering what % stat I'm going for on my shield. It's already Legendary Tier so I'm not sure whether to go for % str or ...

Shield or Secondary - Reboot


I'm in Reboot so I was wondering if I was to use a shield, I can't scroll it for attack so the only thing I can do is cube it and that would...

Up To Date Guide


I've just started a Paladin and I've never played one before so I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction of an up-to-date ...

Lightning Charge vs. Holy Charge?


I've heard a lot of people say that Lightning Charge does more damage than Holy Charge, even with the combo buff from LC. I tried looking this up...

Possible 5th job paladin ideas


SO what are you guys looking that nexon will do with 5th job for paladins? Share your opinions!...

Equipment upgrade for paladin


I'm trying to get as much %str as i can from equips and accessory but I'm not sure about emblem, secondary and main wep. What should I aim f...