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Paladins-nintendorky style! Screen

By pinksinsftw

pinksinsftw Level 177 Bera Night Lord
May 19 2010 MidoriMagira's request dedicated to players of the Page family. -Done with half Crayola half Copic-

-Sorry DruidMight, I was running out of paper space so I was forced to shrink you. T.T-

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lol at wizet ban hamma
Sep 23 2010
pinksinsftw Level 177 Bera Night Lord
Karusknight, MidoriMagira, and druidmight true Paladins of Bera . I salute thee [/quote]

Sorry if this is late, but that's Tim aka GenghisKon. x[
Oct 13 2010
xxxadaaddxxx Level 142 Windia Luminous 4
-stares at chest- e_e -pfft hahahha good picture
Oct 14 2011

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