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xXlinkedXx Level 201 Demethos Phantom 4 Pandas Guild
I wonder if we can change the image... blurry AF.
Apr 03 2015
Quasar Level 205 Demethos Hayato 4 Pandas Guild See what games, anime & art Quasar is intoQuasar
Oh Pandas. You are so pretty. Prettier than the prettiest princess of pretty kingdom. She's quite pretty. Shame about her kingdom though: ever since the Pretty Resistance overthrew Pretty King and installed their own Pretty Czar, life has been pretty tough for the pretty residents. Every day the pretty military stage pretty executions, and the pretty taxes have never been higher. Pretty suicide rates have also never been higher! But forget all that crap -- the point is, I love you, Pandas!
Feb 20 2015
conosa Level 160 Demethos F/P Arch Mage Pandas Guild
Oh boyo i aint no lameopazamo
Feb 16 2015
Skieth Level 180 Demethos Paladin Pandas Guild
Oh boyo, a page for our guild.
Feb 16 2015