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Pc Games like Sao?

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Draception Level 210 Scania Luminous 4
I've been getting really bored of Maple, and I just finished rewatching SAO as well.
I feel like it's time to start something new.
Most of the MMORPG games out there that are in 3D have horrible graphics, a cluttered interface, and very complicated gameplay from what I see.
Currently, I'm really liking Elsword. It looks like a great game, and isn't too far off from Maplestory's gameplay either.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm trying to look for anime MMORPG's but a regular RPG game for PC would be cool too.
Something really fun that I can spend a couple weeks playing.

I've looked at WoW, but it looks very complex, and the graphics aren't really great.
Flyff looked cool, until I saw the gameplay.
Soul Master is okay.
Tera rising looks nice, Rift as well.
C9 is cool, but got boring.
Anyone know any other fun games?
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MateoCl Level 169 Elnido Blade Master
rewatched sao? are you a masochist?

OT: I don't really know anything about MMORPSs so I can't really help you, sorry.
Aug 06 2014
sidho Level 61 Windia Hayato 3
there are 3 mmo's that i know that are somewhat similar to SAO

Mabinogi- Art style, the ost are sorta similar i guess? This game has the closest essence to Sao of the three listed. It has the same feel to sao and mabinogi by far has the best mmo community i have seen
Dragon nest- The combat graphics in dragon nest looks a lot like those in SAO. However, outside of the combat, it is not like sao. If you liked sao for kirito's starburst stream, there is a class called lunar knight that has a similar art style, and similar attack feels.
Aura kingdom- It just feels like sao, but not as close as Mabinogi is though. But of the three mmos, Aura kingdom is the one closest to WoW. It does not require dodging or timing, it is more of waiting for a skill cooldown and using it while auto attacking in between. The graphics and story make up for this though
Aug 06 2014
hyperfire7 Level 230 Bera Aran 4 See what games, anime & art hyperfire7 is intohyperfire7
Perfect World is a must for you then. It's a 3D MMORPG with good East Asian graphic styles (cuz it's originally from China).
When I played it in the past, the main way to get EXP was through quests, but you could still grind for EXP.
Aug 07 2014
ShiroNoYami Level 104 Bera Bishop
The only MMORPG I'm playing right now is Guild Wars 2 lol

And when you're saying you want something like SAO you mean raiding and stuff, yes? If so, RIFT is a decent contender since it seems to have a raid-centric end game compared to some of the other ones on the market and is f2p.
Aug 07 2014
magisjay Level 16 Broa Wild Hunter 1
Black desert online is having a beta in early 2015. You can look forward to that.
Aug 07 2014
peterisnoob Level 200 Broa Night Lord
archeage is coming out in a few months; in beta right now
Aug 07 2014
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