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Pc on B rank 2 all stats Neb

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Fyrus Level 182 Scania Shadower
i seen sold 200m but it may be higher? lets hope for another poster[/quote]

Mar 23 2012
that's it? it is 2% .. thanks. i thought i was 400m before
Mar 23 2012
shot Level 192 Scania Corsair
I saw it varying from 100m~200m
Mar 23 2012
brandon09 Level 200 Scania Mechanic 4
if there being sold for 200m constantly im pretty sure you can go higher to say 250m etc
Mar 23 2012
anyone wants to put an offer on it in Scania?
Mar 23 2012
demonchaos Level 171 Windia Blade Master
B ranks have become really common... But I don't know about Scania.
Mar 23 2012
MeMagicalPie Level 210 Kradia Bow Master Sanctuary Guild
wait wait wait... .__.
I sold a +4 all stats neb for 15m
And it didn't get sold for 3days....
Kradia has everything cheap .__.
15m ABRs F T W
Mar 23 2012
it is 2%.. all stats.. it is hard to get.
Mar 23 2012
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