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Pc on decent Thief gear

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Ragsco Level 185 Windia Demon Slayer 4
Hey basil,

I need a p/c on the following items:

Nox von Leon dagger:
163 att
30 luk
10 dex
Epic, 3l
[url=]Nox von Leon Dagger[/url]

Witch's Deep Purple Belt:
8 att
6% luk
3l epic
[url=]Witch's Belt[/url]

Dark Pirate Pants:
12 luk
6% luk
2l unique
[url=]HB pants[/url]

Thanks in advance
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You call those equips [i]decent[/i]?
Jul 18 2011
Ragsco Level 185 Windia Demon Slayer 4
lol 6.2bil.... it takes less to perfect one you should snag that 6.2 but i think the guy buying is lying to you becuase 6.2 is to much for a not even cubed dagger[/quote]

Not cubed, lol, the irony...
I've used over a 100 cubes on it, but it's stil epic D:

@above Yes, most people have way godlier equips and if I claim my equips are godly, Im gonna get flamed anyway.
Jul 18 2011
Bro your in my alliance LOLLLLLLL
Jul 18 2011
Nice stuff Glad to see my belt is still better than yours >

More on topic though: I'd say the dagger is around 4.5~5bil, maybe a bit more depending on the buyer. Deep purple belt I hear would be around 3.4~3.6bil and the HB pants.. maybe max~2.5b?
Jul 18 2011
Ragsco Level 185 Windia Demon Slayer 4
was this your first time cubing a wepon cus on avg it takes 100-175 to get a wepon to a decent pot and most ppl dont know that and they think buying a perf wepon is good and u can cube it but your gunna spend more money cubing then on the wepon[/quote]

I know it takes a lot of cubes, but I used a 143 cubes on it so far, which should get it to unique AT LEAST. And after it's got to unique, I still need a lot to cube it.

@bvelk Thanks a lot, especially with the p/c on the belt, I hope you're wrong about the dagger though
Jul 18 2011
@Ragsco: Haha I'll help you hope it As for needing lots of cubes after it's unique, you're right... 45 cubes on my unique 3L cape and not 1 15% stat -________-
Jul 18 2011
Ragsco Level 185 Windia Demon Slayer 4
If you can push to 7b on that dagger I'd take it.
The belt you can probably get a good 2.7-3.3
You can probably get a good 2.5 for pants as well.[/quote]

Thank you, I'll try to get 2,5 on pants, 3-3,5 on belt and 7b on dagger.

Even though it's really hard to get some decent p/cs on basil, thank you and bvelk.
Jul 18 2011

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